sveinhaug i påsken

“Mjøsgårdene” – A Norwegian cultural heritage where local history and modern luxury unites

Mjøsgårdene is coalition of farms surrounding the fertile agricultural area around Norway’s biggest lake – Mjøsa. This area is located approximately 1,5 hour from the capital of Norway, Oslo, and it’s only a one hour drive from the main airport Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Our farms offer cafés, farmhouse shops, a variety of activities and adventures, accommodation with full pension or the possibility of cooking your own meals. We offer lunches, dinners, parties and conference facilities all year through.

In this particular area of Norway, the farms have always been an important meeting place for family, relatives, villagers, strangers and future new friends. Most of the farms were built with this in mind, making room for everyone, metaphorically and literally.

We have revitalized this important function. In order to utilize the buildings as they were meant to be used, we have opened our homes for our guests for both large and small parties and gatherings. Many of us have rebuilt barns and other farm buildings, and made use of our gardens, gazebos and patios to make room for parties, activities, boutiques, galleries, cafés and finer dining.

We value the cultural history of both our area and our farms. We use locally grown ingredients and local produce from our own gardens, fields and livestock, but also from neighbouring farms. This way we ensure top quality. To protect our cultural inheritance, we take great care of our old buildings and the typical, local craftsmanship. Of course we would love to tell your more about it. There’s no need to ring the reception bell – you will be welcomed into our private homes and we promise to go the extra mile in order to make your stay at Mjøsgårdene an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to your stay!